Your support matters!

When community members came together to form a safe place for recreation, gathering and education more than forty years ago, Mr. Roy C. Buley was instrumental in helping the plan become a reality. Thanks to Mr. Buley’s dedication, a community center was opened in his name in 1974. This year, we celebrate what would have been Mr. Buley’s 100th birthday with a celebration at The Roy C. Buley Community Center.

For years, the Buley Center has had an annual fundraising dinner to raise awareness and much-needed funds for our organization’s success. While it’s been a great event, we want to make sure that everyone in our community can play a role in securing the future of the Buley Center. That’s why this October, we’re transforming our traditional dinner into a block party-style birthday celebration! We’re pairing the birthday celebration with a team fundraising intiative, which will allow us to ask the people of our community to support the Buley Center at a level that’s comfortable for them.

In addition to the birthday celebration and team fundraising initiative, we'll also be doing a special online giving campaign. Make sure you're following us on Facebook! If you'd like to support your community center, please consider making a financial gift.

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