AIM Summer Program

Each summer, 3 out 4 kids lack access to summer learning programs. Underserved children from low-income communities experience a dramatic learning loss and begin their next school year at a significant disadvantage. 

The primary goal of AIM is to prevent learning losses that occur over the summer. AIM balances the critical importance of academic enrichment with experiential activities similar to traditional summer camps, while using an accelerated learning approach.

AIM Summer Enrichment is a collaboration between Muncie's finest youth-serving organizations. We rely on the youth developmental expertise of the following:

  • Buley Center: academic enrichment and recreation management
  • MOMs: academic enrichment and curriculum
  • Boys & Girls Club: academic success, character & leadership and healthy lifestyles
  • Ross Center: life skills and civic engagement

AIM higher this summer by enrolling in a youth enrichment program consisting of fun recreational and academic programs for students entering Kindergarten through 12th grade. AIM packs in swimming, field trips and wellness programs weekly throughout the 8-week program. In addition to exploring Delaware County and beyond, students will further their academic and life skills.