We Value Education

The Buley Center has a commitment to spreading knowledge, interpersonal skills and technological advancement. We incorporate tutoring and academic enrichment activities that support student achievement in the classroom, and help students meet proficiencies required by Muncie Community Schools and the State of Indiana.

EDGE After School Program

EDGE (Excellence Discovery and Growth through Education) After School offers homework help, interested-based clubs, enrichment groups, creative arts programs, educational field trips, physical fitness and wellness activities and family engagement events. Learn more...

AIM Summer Program

The primary goal of AIMis to prevent learning losses that occur over the summer. AIM balances the critical importance of academic enrichment with experiential activities similar to traditional summer camps, while using an accelerated learning approach. Learn more...

Ball State University

The Buley Center takes advantage of the close proximity of one of Indiana's finest post-secondary institutions through a partnership with Ball State. The Buley Center hosts a class of BSU students to practice teaching in the context of community.