EDGE After School

Weekdays, 2:30 – 6 p.m.

EDGE (Excellence Discovery and Growth through Education) After School offers homework help, interested-based clubs, enrichment groups, creative arts programs, educational field trips, physical fitness and wellness activities and family engagement events.

Using a curriculum correlated with Muncie Community Schools, Buley Center site coordinators, school administrators and teachers work together to ensure our programs supplement and complement the learning taking place during the school day. Students must complete one hour of homework (Backpack Attack) or quiet reading/study before moving on to enrichment activities.

Ages & Pricing:
Tuition is based on the Muncie Community Schools Free/Reduced lunch scale
Free Lunch Participants: $20/Semester or $40/school year
Reduced Lunch Participants: $35/Semester or $70/school year
Full Price: $70/Semester or $140/school year

Grades K - 8
Includes: Transportation from Longfellow, East Washington Academy, Storer, Northview, Mitchell, and Northside Middle School, a snack, hot meal, most field trips, tutoring and homework help. 

Students will maintain a list of all their school assignments and select homework from that list to be completed. The Buley Center will maintain each student’s STI information portal to ensure completion of assignments and to help with test preparation. Tutoring (focused on cornerstone subjects of math, reading and writing) will be provided by one certified teacher (program director) with support from the Ball State community and other volunteers. 

A focus has been placed on one-on-one tutoring for students who are having difficulty meeting benchmarks in the three cornerstone proficiencies of math, reading proficiency and writing. Small group activities will be held for 3rd grade students, through our partnership with the Muncie P3 program, for students who do not demonstrate proficiency in reading. This portion of our program is only open to those students who are not enrolled in the Muncie P3 program.

Positive enrichment activities will facilitate improved academic achievement in the cornerstone areas and a positive connection to the school community. These students will be identified by school staff as needing additional help and will receive personalized help from tutors and teachers to improve their reading, writing and math skills. Student progress will be closely monitored. The youth and adult component of the YELL program will take advantage of the Buley Center computer lab, providing classes for students, parents and community members.

After snack and “Backpack Attack” (homework hour) students who have completed homework assignments will participate in enrichment activities that support character development. Activities include problem –solving and critical thinking. These include use of the SMART board, treasure hunts, computer technology time and more. Each day has a specific theme that students recognize.

1.       Monday – Math Monday
2.       Tuesday – Technology Tuesday
3.       Wednesday – Wacky Wednesday
4.       Thursday - Tasty Thursday
5.       Friday – Freestyle Friday

Other activities will include field trips to museums and various community businesses, presentations by cultural arts performing groups, and guest speakers to broaden and enrich student experiences. Community service activities will also be incorporated.  Several enrichment activities will incorporate prevention activities that reduce conflict, strengthen refusal skills and build self-esteem. All afterschool components will integrate asset building activities that promote learning, positive values, social competencies, and positive identities.