The mission of The Buley Center is to enhance our community through education, recreation and cultural experiences.. We are a gathering place for people of all ages with a priority on children, youth and their families.



The Buley Center is governed by a diverse board of directors and led by a caring, committed and qualified staff. Learn more about the leadership of The Buley Center:

Our Purpose


The purpose of the Roy C. Buley Community Center is to ENGAGE the residents of the Muncie community through the center's core principles: 

  • Education: An unparalleled dedication to embedding knowledge, interpersonal skill and technological enlightenment 
  • Nourishment: Instilling educational enrichment through a commitment to compassion, generosity and moral values 
  • Growth: Expanding the outlook of individuals by making them aware of life's possibilites 
  • Ambition: Empowering individuals to dream, establish goals and believe in their talents and capabilities 
  • Guidance: Mentoring and caring for each patron of Buley within a friendly, inclusive learning environment
  • Excellence: Achieving dreams and aspirations as the result of continuous, intentional commitment to responsibility and lifelong self-improvement.

Our History

The Roy C. Buley Community Center is a not-for-profit educational enrichment and recreation site within the Whitely Community of Muncie, Indiana. The Buley Center offers a variety of services to youth, adults, and seniors, ranging from cultural, educational and recreational programs, to informational and referral. A diverse Board of Directors representing clergy, business and community leaders governs the organization. 

The Buley Center opened in 1974. Mr. Buley was instrumental in establishing the programs in the early years. Over time, many citizens, organizations and churches have supported the center. With the serious downturn in the economy, the Buley Center was among the local casualties. In December 2008, the center was closed, but it later reopened under the leadership of the Whitely Community Council in February 2009. Under new leadership, the Roy C. Buley Community Center replaced the word "Recreation" with the word "Community" in its name. The center shifted its focus toward education as a necessary element of a strong community. It steadily gained momentum, broadening its reach by providing a home base for Ball State education classes.

The synergy captivated the community, not just the neighborhood. Growing pains remind those closely involved just how far the Buley Center has come...and that its growth continues - like the toddler who stumbles and bumps her head as she learns to walk, the center finds itself standing taller and stronger everyday.